2115-290 West Roosevelt Boulevard Monroe, North Carolina

January 11, 2017 – January 15, 2017

Smoke and Water: Catawba will be a 16 by 70-foot mural at Monroe Crossing Mall in Monroe, North Carolina created by New York-based and North Carolina-born artist Greg Lindquist in partnership with Art-in-Buildings.

The foundation of Greg Lindquist’s practice is at the intersection of art and ecology and rooted in years long investigations of coal ash and its environmental impact. His work draws on documentary photography of water sources contaminated by coal ash and focuses specifically on its otherworldly and eerily beautiful swirl, which itself is evidence of a corrupted ecosystem. Named after the nearby Catawba River, Smoke and Water: Catawba synthesizes visual elements that are iconic of his work into a monumental participatory wall painting executed by Lindquist in collaboration with local volunteers. This project, his largest undertaking to date, will bring the local art, education and environmental communities together in creating the mural. Monroe Crossing will serve as a gathering place for meaningful exchanges, inspiration for action, and formations of new friendships and relationships by the shared experience of creating art and becoming stewards of the local environment.