Century Campus

Parsippany, New Jersey

Century Campus features public sculptures by Tadashi Hashimoto, Jon Isherwood, and Alain Kirili.

Artist Statements:

Tadashi Hashimoto: Sculpture with blue light: The solid timber sculpture, Grounding Sky, has many cubes and spaces that I paint with varied tones of blue to create light interactions across the numerous planes of the sculpture. I consider the light and darker colors of blue while observing the sculpture's interspaces and cubes in relation with sunlight; light is the all-encompassing elemental influence on Grounding Sky.

Jon Isherwood: Isherwood's recent sculpture represents the further development of his insistent dialogue with form, technology and the associative sensations of imagery and shape. Forms are compressed, distorted or squeezed and made more intimate by subtle adjustments of scale. He does not emulate nature or body but the articulated shapes exist in thresholds between architecture and the organic. Carved lines contour the surfaces to emphasize the form, create the illusion of expansiveness and provoke associations with patterning, layering and veiled imagery.

Alain Kirili: Those forged iron sculptures are spiritual signs. A field of mystery.