“Traveling and collecting in remote equatorial locations has been both the inspiration and source of my work. The infrastructures of these extraordinary rainforest habitats, replete with complex repetitive patterns, offer an abundance of objects, used to inspire and construct my sculpture. These organic materials are then combined with objects from our own urban jungle, where the motivating force is to depict how both exist simultaneously in a world of chaos and order. It is this synergy, which creates the visual, emotional and conceptual content and illustrates the delicate balance between natural and industrial environments.

I am searching for the order in chaos, and the chaos in order. Nature’s symmetry of order, juxtaposed with the opposing force of industrial objects helps reconcile my concerns and delineate the fine line separating one from the other.”

Klein’s passionate eye for the material of the natural world has taken him to far flung places like Madagascar, Burma (Myanmar), Amazonian and Costa Rican rainforests; with the same eye and intensity he mines the urban jungle, his own neighborhood streets and woods. Ron Klein began exhibiting publicly in 1984. Since 2006 Ron Klein is presented by Howard Scott Gallery, New York. His work is held in a number of private and public collections. Discussions and reviews of his work have been appeared in such publications as Art in America, The Village Voice, Sculpture Magazine, and Art Forum.