2030 Boulevard Pie IX, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2030 Pie IX, also known as the 2065 Jeanne d’Arc, is a converted office building in Montreal, Quebec, Canada originally built in 1901. The American Can Company, a manufacturer of tin cans, acquired the building in 1917. Now, part of the Time Equities, Inc. portfolio, Art-in-Buildings curated an exhibition of 6 site-specific and site-responsive works located throughout the building. The artists in this project include Yannick Desranleu & Chloe Lum, Michael Krondl, Labrona, Dominique Petrin, Yann Pocreau, and Matt Shane & Jim Holyoak. All of the artists featured in this project are current residents of Montreal, with the exception of Michael Krondl, a former long-time resident of Montreal and now Brooklynite.

Designed as a long-term installation, the six projects expand the notion of traditional wall-based art. Labrona translated his iconic street art into graphic, colorful, figural paintings that react to the interior architectural details of the main lobby. Michael Krondl enlarged his nearly abstract photography to a larger-than-life photomural. Yannick Desranleu and Chloe Lum’s work incorporates sculptural elements built off color-blocked and patterned wall paper. Dominique Petrin produced hundreds of handmade silkscreen prints and hand-cut and collaged them in a vivid presentation. Matt Shane and Jim Holyoak created a vast, dark, epic landscape drawing on paper that swallows a long hallway on the third floor and Yann Pocreau layered imagery from the historical certificates of the American Can Company, the original tenant of the building, to create wallpaper bathed in natural light on the top floor.

Time Equities, Inc., in conjunction with the Francis J. Greenburger Collection, is committed to enriching the experience of our properties through Art-in-Buildings, an innovative program that brings contemporary art from emerging and mid-career artists to non-traditional exhibition spaces.

The program promotes the artists, expands the audience for art, and creates a vibrant environment for the residents of our buildings through a range of permanent and temporary installations and exhibitions.

For more information on the property, please visit 2030pieix.com.

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