800 Chomedey Boulevard, Laval, Quebec, Canada

800 Chomedey is the first building in Canada to participate in the Art-in-Buildings program. The four artists in this long-term installation, Mario Côté, John Ancheta, Péio Eliceiry, and Catherine Aboumrad, live and work in Quebec. Their work examines the form, color, and texture of their subjects.

Mario Côté investigates the connection between painting and music, which is indelibly marked by the history of abstract painting. He is particularly interested in the music of the American composter Morton Feldmen, whose compositional approach was closely bound to the relationship between music and painting. Dὺô 4 (2006) and Étude no. 1 for Feldman (2007) are some of Côté’s earliest paintings that were influenced by Feldman.

Painter and musician, John Ancheta combines his art practice with his experiences creating theater scenery, designing sound for experimental films, and performing in a band. His paintings combine images of nature, landscape, and abstraction. Working primarily from images extracted from films, and often continually repeating the same images, Ancheta creates works with vibrant colors and rich surfaces that vibrate like a concert.

Péio Eliceiry creates paintings that are indebted to his interest in film and his ideas of the “invisible” and “presence through absence.” Painting the invisible is akin to cinematic processes that rely on the brain to see movement when still images are flashed on screen at a high rate. In the painting Landscape (2010), one can imagine a building, computer code, or graffiti. However, Eliceiry does not give a lot of visual information; the ideas are intuitively present despite their physical absence.

Catherine Aboumrad is a photographer who researches the use of photography as an interpretive tool. She manipulates her medium, pushes its limits, and transforms its use. In the series of photographs installed here, she depicts The Great Canadian North, which is composed of infinite desert and inaccessible spaces. The rich details in these works were created by hours of exposure time that allowed the light to slowly permeate the film.

Time Equities, Inc., in conjunction with the Francis J. Greenburger Collection, is committed to enriching the experience of our properties through Art-in-Buildings, an innovative program that brings contemporary art from emerging and mid-career artists to non-traditional exhibition spaces.

The program promotes the artists, expands the audience for art, and creates a vibrant environment for the residents of our buildings through a range of permanent and temporary installations and exhibitions.

For more information on the property, please visit 800-chomedey.com.

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